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About A1 Elite K9


We have started our breeding program from scratch. We have taken an immense amount of time researching and hunted around the US and Czech Republic for great bloodlines that originated in Germany and the Czech Republic. Our number one dog (Matui) is the son of double world Champion Qvido Vepeden out of the Czech Republic (WUSV World Champion 2016 and 2018). Matui has the same characteristics as his father and is very easy to train. He is first and foremost a family pet, He is just phenomenal with children and excelling in protection sports (PSA). All of our shepherds are dark sable with one being solid black. (Not your usual gold and tan American German Shepherd). In this breeding program where we are getting the perfect mix of protection and family dog. We are committed to raising elite German Shepherds in a way that preserves the integrity, nobility and magnificence of this exception dog breed. With our mix of Czech Republic border patrol and German international bloodlines you get a well-balanced German shepherd with great drive, strong, versatile, great nerve and most importantly they are well loved family pets that are great around other animals and children and become natural protectors.

You will get out of what you put in

I have grown up and had German Shepherds all my life. Up until a few years ago I have had the standard American German Shepherd dogs (gold and tan). Great dogs I absolutely love them. Then I was introduced to the Czech Republic bloodlines and I never looked back. We have done a lot of research since and the bloodlines of the Czech Republic border patrol and German army are far superior in every way. They are the true working dog with the temperament to be the perfect family pet. You will get out of them what you put in. I love these Shepherds so much I decided to start a breeding program with the best bloodlines that originated in the Czech Republic and Germany so more people can enjoy these Family-Sports-Protection dogs. 




If you are looking for a trained puppy.

Basic training

(potty-sit-down- place-come) you are at the right place


Protection Trained Young Adults for Personal Companion -Protection or Family Protection

What we feed our dogs

We feed our dogs a well-balanced food plan which consists of 1: Beef Stew which has carrots, stew meat, ground beef, green beans, sweet potatoes, eggs (with shells), kidney beans, rolled oaks, ground beef and chicken broth (no salt), brown rice, cod liver oil and chicken livers. 2: They also get raw (ground up) full chickens including the bones. 3: Every other day we feed them Purina one large breed puppy and adult kibble. All their meals mixed with NuVet Plus Vitamins as recommended by Nuvet. We will send out the recipe for the stew with each dog/puppy  .

A fully trained A1EliteK9 Protection German Shepherd takes 2 years to train and socialize

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