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Meet our Dogs

Akona 7
Matui 10

Breeding Dogs

The American German Shepherd 

The American German Shepherd is widely bred for show with a focus on appearance instead of working ability. The hind legs bend more and the torso is more angled from front to back. American German Shepherds are known for being elegant with a graceful walk and giving exceptional performances in the show ring. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. 


The Czech German Shepherd 

The Czech German Shepherd possesses the typical facial features of the ordinary German Shepherd Dog – strong jaw, upright and pointed ears, and a thick head. While considered a large breed, the general size of the breed type may be smaller with males reaching 24” to 26” at the shoulder and 66 to 68 pounds, while females grow to be 22” to 24” and 49 to 71 pounds.   Read More

Protection Dogs

Protection Trained Young Adults for Personal Companion-Protection or Family Protection

A fully trained A1 Elite protection German Shepherd takes 2 years to train and socialize. All are males unless you request a female (2 year wait list). We take the most promising pup that we believe can become a great elite protection family companion and train him. They will come to you with a trainer (8 hours over 4 days) to help transition from our environment to yours. The trainer will train you in all commands so you have full control of your new family member and teach you how to keep up with basic training needed to maintain his/her skills. 




If you are looking for a trained pup (basic training, potty-sit-down- place-come) will can work with you on cost it takes to the age of 4 to 5 months to get these basics while keeping the fun puppy stage. We want the pups to have fun and not turn into robots, these pups are put in a family environment. They are placed in one of the owner’s houses with family not in the kennel so they are ready for you from day one. We give you instructions on how to help with the transition from our home to yours. 

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