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Matui 11

Breeding Dogs 



 Wow what can't I say about this guy. One of a kind Extra-large (105 lbs) dark sable with  tremendous head and bone strength. Absolutely rock-solid both physically and mentally.  Totally trustworthy and reliable, can go anywhere, anytime and never be shaken. Quiet with  a natural calm demeanor along with second-to-none courage, hardness and drive.  Consistently shows steady and sure behavior in every situation, Gentle, very social, gets  along with everyone, is excellent with children and has impeccable house manners.  Oversized and highly athletic with great ability to perform. Fantastic in protection work, the  more he is challenged the stronger he becomes. Matui is excelling in PSA with titles to  come. Comes from the very best bloodlines from the Czech Republic. His father is 2-time  world champion in 2016 and 2018.

Birth date: 01/24/2020 Sire - Qvido Vepeden / Dam - Duffy Rapax Bohemia

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